After Lionel Messi skipped training, Lionel Scaloni gave an update on his condition.

Lionel Messi is well and will start for Argentina on Saturday against Mexico, according to manager Lionel Scaloni.

Messi was unable to inspire the Albiceleste to win against Saudi Arabia in their opening match,

 and his absence from Friday's training session raised fears among fans ahead of their important match against Mexico.

However, Messi's absence was entirely precautionary since he has been battling with a small calf injury, and after working with the physiotherapist in the morning, 

the PSG star was involved in the team's second session later that day. Scaloni assured fans during his pregame press conference that there was no cause for concern.

'Messi trained, and he trained well,' Scaloni remarked. "Not everyone went to the field because it was a rehabilitation session for those who played. Nothing is wrong with [Messi].

After his first team under performed against Saudi Arabia, scaloni admitted that he may attempt to switch up his starting lineup.

A lot of the team was changed after the first game, but they bounced back quickly "... he made some remarks. "All we had to do was raise our heads.

Those people will get the job done.There's no question that we'll try to switch things up in our play. Alterations are possible.

After the players have recovered, we will evaluate them. Now that everyone is accessible, we can begin to shape the team.