After cleaning the World Cup locker room the Japanese squad becomes quite popular.

Wednesday's inaugural World Cup game saw Japan's soccer team upset Germany 2-1 after mounting an incredible comeback.

Due to their incredibly polite demeanor at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, the squad and its fans have gone viral on social media. On Wednesday, FIFA tweeted,

"Japan fans cleaned up their trash in the stadium," adding that the Japanese squad also left their locker room "spotless."

The team also left behind several origami birds as gifts and a note that stated "shukran," which is Arabic for "thank you." The crane, which is significant in Japanese culture,

appears to be represented by the birds. The Japanese team's badge also includes a bird, the fabled "Yatagarasu," a three-legged crow.

Japanese soccer supporters are known for picking up after themselves, and they have received praise for assisting stadium employees during previous World Cups by picking up

and hauling away their waste.On Sunday, the "Samurai Blue" Japan team plays Costa Rica in their next World Cup match. With a win, Japan would be assured a spot in the

tournament's knockout round. Spain defeated Costa Rica in their opening match 7-0.Before the first ball was even kicked, the Qatar World Cup was mired in controversy due to

backlash regarding the plight of migrant workers.