Affordable City Living: 11 Places to Buy Homes Under $250K 

Various US cities offer homes under $250,000 amid rising median sale prices in many areas. 

Cleveland, Ohio, shows a median home price of $110,000 in December 2023, making it an affordable option. 

St. Louis, Missouri, boasts a median price of $210,000, seeing an increase despite the national housing market dip. 

Birmingham, Alabama, reflects a significant drop, with a median sale price around $152,000. 

Detroit, Michigan, offers homes at a median sale price of $85,000, ideal for those seeking affordability and city life. 

Rochester, New York, showcases a median sale price of $160,000, providing a more affordable option in the state. 

Baltimore, Maryland, lists homes with a median sale price of $207,000, showing a slight increase from the previous year. 

Memphis, Tennessee, offers homes at a median sale price of $170,000, marking a 2% decrease from a year earlier. 

Indianapolis, Indiana, features a median sale price of $230,000, with options for fixer-uppers or smaller homes under $200,000. 

Cities like Des Moines, Louisville, and Wichita also present affordable housing options below the $250,000 mark, making them viable choices for potential homeowners.