About signing Aaron Judge, the Yankees are reportedly "very concerned."

The New York Yankees are quite likely to finalize a free agency agreement with ace slugger Aaron Judge, according to the experts.

According to several odds makers, the Yankees have anywhere between a 40% and 83% probability of signing Judge to a deal worth up to $400 million.

According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, "the Yankees' echelons appear to be seriously concerned about their chances of keeping Judge," on Thursday.

The Yankees anticipate being the highest offer; they anticipate starting just above his initial demand of $36 million annually. They simply aren't certain how fervently he wants

to remain. Heyman added, "It's just a vibe, and maybe trepidation. It's not about prospective competition from teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

Although Judge has previously said he'd love to remain a "lifetime Yankee," the silence since may possibly be to blame. Heyman, who is pretty well connected within the 

company, brings up one particular matter that may worry Judge. He was not satisfied with the Yankees' initial offer of $30.5 million per year during preseason negotiations.

Along with the Dodgers and Giants, Judge has also been linked to the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets as potential teams. Heyman projected just a month ago that

there was an 83% chance Judge would remain a Yankee, despite the source claiming there is some uncertainty around Judge's future in New York.