Aaron Rodgers responds to Jeff Saturday's employment

While Jeff Saturday played quarterback Aaron Rodgers the ball for one season in Green Bay to cap his career, he spent 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.

Considering Saturday's surprising transition from ESPN analyst to Colts head coach, Rodgers was questioned about his thoughts on the information regarding his former teammate.

During his Tuesday interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers was questioned about Saturday's rapid ascent to the position of head coach when he wasn't trying to disavow

responsibility for his terrible performance this past weekend.Rodgers admitted, "I was absolutely pretty startled." "It's so uncommon that someone whose... He must have been a 

high school coach, right? but, I think, without any coaching experience in the NFL? Is that accurate?McAfee then quoted Jim Irsay as saying it's a good thing that Saturday doesn't

have NFL coaching experience.It's different, Rodgers said, "I mean. In general, you just choose a member of the staff, isn't that right?

When it came to the matter, Rodgers appeared to be at a loss for words, and McAfee prodded him more.

Rodgers added, "I'm just astonished, it's rare. But I hope it turns out well for them.Aaron certainly made it strange, albeit we're not really sure how.