A sizable new meal deal for $6.99 is being offered by Burger King.

The tried-and-true meal packages offered by Burger King are well-known.

Have you ever heard of $5 Mix 'n Match? The Whopper slinger is now launching an entirely new offer that still gets you a lot of what you desire.

You may choose between the BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich and a traditional Whopper as part of the limited-time Choose a Meal Deal,

which costs $6.99 and includes a small side and small drink. Just so you know, certain markets are charging $1 extra.

The chicken sandwich alone costs $5.99, so that's a great deal. Typically, the cost of the drink is $2.99, while the cost of the fries is $3.19.

I have some exciting news for you if you're up for branching out and tasting the chain's new Italian Royal Crispy Chicken. In the app, you can get just that for $7

along with a small fry and small drink. The sandwich costs $6.99 when ordered individually, so I believe your choice has already been decided.The Royal Crispy Chicken, melting

mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and a delicious bread are all combined in the new Italian chicken sandwich that was released earlier this month. It's available everywhere.