A Significant Beverage Change is Made by Carnival Cruise Line.

With its "unlimited" plan, Carnival places restrictions on how much alcohol travelers may consume. It's currently implementing another unpopular adjustment.

There are entire social media communities dedicated to the numerous all-you-can-drink packages that the top cruise lines offer.

Truly limitless alcohol packages are available from Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH), and MSC Cruises. However, Carnival's cheer! 15 alcoholic beverages

 are the daily maximum allowed by the beverage package.However, there was another way to obtain a drink while aboard the ship, but Carnival has opted to eliminate that choice.

Like its top competitors, Carnival enables travelers to board with two bottles of wine each cabin. However, any purchases made are retained by the ship and given back

 to the passenger late on the final night of the voyage, even though cruise lines and the locations where they stop offer alcohol by the bottle.

Carnival's loyalty ambassador, John Heald, posted on Facebook, "The move is because it will assist us track drink consumption on board and I do sorry for any frustration. He was

 clear that staffing concerns or cost-cutting were not factors in the decision.This is not a budget cut. This cannot be referred to as a cutback if it hurts our revenue, he stated.

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