A sequel to one of Denzel Washington's best films is now in production.

Antoine Fuqua is one of Hollywood's most talented filmmakers, having produced blockbusters like Training Day, Shooter, Olympus Has Fallen, and King Arthur.

Additionally, he has collaborated on other projects with a few stars, including Mark Wahlberg in the Paramount+ sci-fi production Infinite and the Shooter movie 

adaptation of the Bob Lee Swagger novel series.One of the most renowned performers of all time, Denzel Washington, is one of his most frequent collaborators.

He first directed him in the 2001 film Training Day, then again 13 years later in The Equalizer, then in Magnificent Seven and The Equalizer 2.

For The Equalizer 3, Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington have reconnected, and production has reportedly started, according to Collider.

Production stills of Denzel Washington and other cast members are reportedly filming The Equalizer 3 on the Amalfi coast, according to the source.

The movies are based on a CBS television series that ran from 1985 to 1989. In addition to the Antoine Fuqua films, CBS is now airing a new relaunch of the series

starring Queen Latifa. There aren't many information available about what Denzel Washington will face in The Equalizer 3, but you can expect that Robert McCall 

will be digging deep to uncover the most extreme limits of human violence's capacity to eliminate the worst of the worst.