A response to Lionel Messi's World Cup goal.

Magical. Mercurial. Magnanimous. Messi. Argentina defeated Mexicoin their FIFA World Cup grudge match thanks to a goal scored by Lionel Messi's incredible left foot.

Argentina badly needed a win after dropping their opening match to Saudi Arabia by a score of 2-1. Despite the enormous amount of pressure,

the young wizard delivered a moment of World Cup magic that could prove pivotal in Argentina's chances of advancing further in the tournament.

Missed timing passes and runs, being pushed out of attacking lanes, and being easily fouled or bodied off the ball were all symptoms of Messi and Argentina's inability to find

their rhythm in the second half. If Argentina had drawn, they would have been eliminated from playoff 

contention in the group stage and would have had to play Poland, who had just defeated Saudi Arabia.

Based on the outcome, Argentina will now be in second place in Group C, behind Poland.

On Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, Mexico will take on Saudi Arabia at Lusail Stadium. This Wednesday at 2 PM ET, Argentina will host Poland at Stadium 974.