A New Quarter Pounder And McFlurry Have Just Been Added To The Menu At McDonald's.

PennLive reports that McDonald's has added a brand-new Quarter Pounder and McFlurry combo on their menu.For those who are not familiar with the fast food industry,

this may seem like some pretty abrupt news, but Micky D's fans may remember that the company actually announced this new lunch

and dessert duo was scheduled to debut in late November earlier this month.McDonald's claims that the Oreo Fudge McFlurry and the brand-new BLT Quarter Pounder have

finally gone on sale. Start off by ordering a BLT Quarter Pounder, which is described as having "thick-cut Applewood

Smoked bacon" and American cheese that has been covered in "smoky sauce," according to The Golden Arches. Then, you may sate your sweet desire with an Oreo Fudge McFlurry,

which also sounds like the ideal McFlurry flavor to utilize in McDonald's renowned secret menu ice cream sandwich hack. It is made with vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookie filling,and

hot fudge on top.Although the two new menu items have only recently been introduced, feedback on their flavors is already a deluge. The "smoky sauce" on the BLT Quarter Pounder, 

according to The Impulsive Buy, is similar to a bacon-flavored ranch dressing and perfectly enhances the flavor of the BLT's applewood bacon. Dennis Lee of The Take Out

claims that customers' favorite McFlurry flavor is Oreo Fudge, but it's crucial to remember that before McDonald's made the dish official, customers had been requesting 

that personnel top their Oreo McFlurry with the hot sundae's fudge.Despite the fact that the Oreo Fudge McFlurry isn't exactly a ground-breaking dessert, by using Lee's method, 

you'll only have to permanently bid the BLT Quarter Pounder farewell when the two limited-edition dishes make their last appearance on the McDonald's menu.